Who Pays for What in a Wedding

In todays society there is much more flexability when it comes to who pays for what at weddings. In today's times it generally comes down to who can afford to pay for what wedding services.

Here is a general guideline as to how it has traditionally been accepted as to who pays for which wedding services:


  • Personal stationery
  • Wedding ring for groom
  • Wedding gift for groom
  • Gifts for attendants
  • Physical examination


  • Bride's rings
  • Honeymoon
  • Formalwear and accessories
  • Wedding gift for bride
  • Bridal bouquet and going-away corsage
  • Boutonnieres for all men in wedding party
  • Mothers' corsages
  • Physical examination / blood test
  • Gifts for best man, ushers
  • Gloves, ties or ascots for men in wedding party
  • Marriage license
  • Lodging for out-of-town attendants
  • Fee for clergy or judge

Bride's Family

  • Wedding gift for newlyweds
  • Entire reception
  • Rental of sanctuary or chapel
  • Bride's wedding attire and trousseau
  • Invitations, announcements' postage
  • Engagement and wedding photographs
  • Organist, soloist and sexton fees
  • Aisle carpets and/or canopy, and any additional decorating costs
  • Bridesmaids' bouquets
  • Flowers for reception
  • Transportation for bridal party to ceremony and reception
  • Security and insurance gifts
  • Wedding coordinator's fee
  • Wedding cake
  • Parking costs
  • Coat check fees
  • Gratuities for bartenders and waiters

Groom's Family

  • Traveling expenses and hotel bills
  • Wedding clothes
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding gift for the newlyweds
  • Shipment of wedding gifts to bridal couple's new home

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