Choosing the Wedding Photographer

Everyone will always want to look at your wedding photographs. And why shouldn't they? Photographs are very special, and the difference between having beautiful photographs and bad out of focus photographs is all in the choosing of the wedding photographer.

There are a few simple things which you should take into consideration when hiring the wedding photographer.

Budget- You are going to need to decide just how much of your budget you are willing to spend on your wedding photographs. I would suggest not spending to little as these are going to be the memories you will have as the years go by. If you do find a photographer that you like, and is out of your price range, you need to decide whether the pictures will be worth the extra amount.

Style - Decide on what style of wedding photographs you want. When you look at prospective photographers portfolios, you need to try and picture yourselves in that type of photograph. Ask yourself, does this style suite us?

Experience - The experience the photographer has will make a big difference. The more experience he has the more likely he will be able to take photographs that suite your wedding and you as a couple. It can also be said that you may find a new photographer who has natural talent. The important thing is that you and your partner need to feel comfortable and relaxed with him, especially when he is going to take photographs of you.

Appearance - The photographer is always going to be in the background of your wedding, and although not everyone will notice him, if he is dressed in colors that clash with your wedding colors, then everyone will see him. Make sure that if you are going to be having a Hawaiian themed wedding that the photographer knows this, and doesn't arrive in a tie and jacket or vise versa.

Turn around time - Be sure to find out from the photographer how long it will take for the photographs to be ready. Some take months and some take weeks.

Be careful when making this decision as it is a once in a lifetime event.

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