Post Wedding Legal Changes

It's easy to get confused in all the post wedding legal changes which need to made. So here are pointers as to what needs to be changed so that you don't forget to change a crucial record.
  • Drivers License Bring your current license plus your marriage license or certificate to the DMV.
  • Bank Accounts Bring your new drivers license or receipt with you and your marriage license or certificate. Be sure the bank changes your name on all of their records.
  • Social Security Bring your marriage license or certificate. It is important that you do this correctly, otherwise you may receive a letter from the IRS, as they will not know that you have changed your name.
  • Medical Records Give them your change of details, including new postal address.
  • Bills Give your change of details to these people as well. Make sure that they change all your details on their system.
  • Certified Copy Get a certified copy of your wedding certificate for yourself. It is always handy to have around as you may never know when you may need it.
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