Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations, no matter how elegant they may be are simply there to do two things: Get the message of your wedding across and set the tone of your wedding. The way you put the wording in your invitation, and choose your invitation is going to set the overall theme of your wedding. Here are a few overall pointers to help you along the wedding invitation path:
  • Invitation Wording- the wording you choose for your wedding will also set the tone of your wedding. A formal wedding would need formal invitations and so on.
  • Orders for wedding invitations should be placed about 3 months before the wedding date. Remember to order more envelopes if you are going to write the addresses on your self, to cover for an errors.
  • Be sure to ask for a proof to read before the invitations are printed. You may even want to get someone else to read the invitation as well.
  • Invitations should be sent 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding date.
  • It is always a good idea for the addresses on the wedding invitations to be hand written

Don't forget about the RSVP cards which are going to go with your wedding invitations, they will need to be in the same theme as your wedding and your invitations.

Here are a few examples of wedding invatations verses

Mr. and Mrs. Brides parents invite you to share thier joy at the location uniting their bride and groom in Sacrament of Holy Matrimony on date at time.

Together with the parents of Bride and Groom invite you to join them as they get married. The event will be at time on date at location.

Believing that God has ordaned the institution of Holy Matrimony. Mr. and Mrs. Bride's parents request the honour of your presence at the marraige of their daughter Name to Groom's Name on Date at Time at Location.

Love was meant to be shared with family and friends. Bride and Groom have found love in each other, and invite you to share in this joyous occasion, on date at time and place.

How beautiful is the day that is touched by love. Mr. and Mrs. Bride's parents request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Bride's name to Groom's Name, on date and time at location.

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