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Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Since childhood you have been dreaming of your wedding. You have your dress in a permnament picture in your mind. You know exactly what you want. Or do you? As times change so do wedding dress fashions, and now every wedding dress you look it is the one you want. So here are some tips to the changing trends of wedding dress fashion.

The wedding dress has changed in may ways since you were young. White is still in and trains are still big in wedding dresses, however wedding dresses have taken on a much more sophisticated look.

Be sure that your wedding dress is going to fit in with your wedding theme, a modern wedding dress may look a little out of place in a small country church, even if the wedding dress is absolutely stunning. Go through wedding and bridal magazines to get a general idea of what you want your wedding dress to look like.

Start Shopping for your Wedding Dress

Start shopping for a wedding dress well in advance of your wedding. This is something you have been dreaming of for all your life, and chances are that you may want all the dresses you see. Take only one or two people with you to choose a wedding dress. The more people you have the more confusing it will be with all the conflicting ideas. Remember, it's your wedding, so don't let their perfect wedding dress confuse your decision about your wedding dress.

Choose two or three different styles, and try them on. Remember to think of the way you are going to style your hair and makeup on your wedding day. Find a dress that makes the most of your figure is also important. An A-line style for example are slimming and create an illusion of height, where as a full skirt hides heavy hips and thighs. A decorative bodice highlights the upper body and a simpler style will minimize a heavy bust.

Remember that you and your wedding dress are going to be the focus of the wedding, and so it will set the tone for the entire wedding.

Be prepared to put down a fairly large deposit on your wedding dress. This can sometimes be as much as 50% of the cost of your wedding dress.

Questions you should ask before buying your wedding dress:

  1. What are their exchange and cancellation policies?
  2. What will they do if the gown comes in the wrong color or size, or comes in late?
  3. Do they do alterations? Is there a fee?

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