Choosing the DJ for your Wedding

By Alan McKenzie of Amazing Sounds
There are many questions as to just what a Professional Disc Jockey just as there are many types of Disc Jockeys. This article will address how to choose a professional Mobile Disc Jockey, one which performs for weddings and corporate events.

Many people may assume that ALL Disc Jockeys are professionals, that of course is far from the truth. We have all heard the horror stories of the “bad DJ” that ruined someone’s wedding. Why? Because it’s true! Yes, I hate to admit it but there are “bad DJs” out there. Most of them come and go, some lasting for a couple of years, others might not even make it to the wedding date! This article will hopefully help you to spot the ‘amateurs’ to weed them out.

Here are some questions many people ask:

Q: Why are there so many different prices for disc jockeys?

A: Like anything else, the price depends on the quality and experience. Many couples will spend hundreds of dollars on transportation by renting a limo even when they could save money by hiring a cab instead. Do they? No, because this is a special day and they want the best transportation not the cheapest. Should it be different for their DJ?

Q: What about companies that have lots of DJs working for them? They’re cheaper aren’t they?

A: Many ‘multi-system’ companies can offer cheaper prices because they earn their money on volume instead of quality. McDonalds has sold more hamburgers for cheaper prices, but are their cheapest burgers of good quality? You want to hire a QUALITY DJ, not a quantity one.

Q: Aren’t all DJs the same, I mean they just play music, right?

A: Actually, some do ‘just play music’ and for clubs, raves and frat parties that’s ok, but that’s not what you want for your wedding or corporate event. You want someone who is also a Master of Ceremonies as well as a good event coordinator. Someone who will be YOUR spokesperson to your friends and family.

Q: How much should I spend for a good Disc Jockey?

A: That depends on the area you are in, but most true professionals will be charging a professional price and that can also alert you to the quality of your DJ. If he is charging a lot less than the top priced one in your area, its likely he is not a true professional. Expect a price from $150 - $400 per hour for a professional.

Q: But isn’t $150 - $400 an hour or more a little high for a Disc Jockey?

A: Not really, remember that 80% of the success of your event will be because of the entertainment. So spending 10% or more of your wedding budget is a bargain! Also, remember that, in most cases, you are only paying for the “play time” and not for setup, teardown, meetings, phone calls and prep time. The average 6 hour wedding really turns out to be about 12-15 hours worth of work for your DJ. Plus he still has the overhead for professional equipment, thousands of dollars worth of music, and all the other necessary items to make sure your event is a good one.


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