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Budgeting for your wedding is the most important steps you must take in the preperation for your wedding. Weddings are expensive, here is no doubt about that. There are ways to keep the cost of your wedding down however. The first thing you need is a wedding budget plan (excel worksheet), where you can keep all your costs together.

Cost saving tips for your wedding

The Wedding Dress

  • Start shopping early.
  • The simpler the dress the lower the price.
  • Renting a wedding dress is also an option worth looking at.

The Reception Site

  • Fridays and Sundays are cheaper days to book a reception site.
  • In most cases, the earlier you book the location the cheaper.
  • If you rent tables or cutlery, make sure you return them on time to avoid late return fines.
  • Think about "off peak" time such as November to April.

Food and Drink

  • Morning and lunch time receptions tend to be cheaper than evening receptions.
  • Try choosing cheaper foods, such as chicken.
  • Weigh up the option of having a wedding cake as your desert.
  • Serve wine and beer at your reception.
  • Set a limit to the bar, or close the bar before the reception ends.


  • Think about approaching a school or varsity. They sometimes have an advanced photography course that may have a student who does weddings.
  • Place disposable cameras on each table for guests to take photographs at the wedding.


  • Use seasonal flowers.
  • Use more greenery in the church.
  • Take ceremonial flowers along to the reception.
  • Mix silk flowers with real flowers on the table.


  • Hiring a band may save you more money than if you were to hire a DJ.
  • Using a student who DJ's part time may save you money, but may not guarantee quality of sound.
  • Use in house DJ's or bands from your reception site if they have any available.
  • Remember that the musician you choose for your reception will play a big part in the success of your wedding, so it may in fact be worth paying a little extra to ensure great quality, and a great reception.

Who Pays for What?

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