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A Gift Basket Shower
Guests bring a gift basket or box full of little goodies for the newly weds. The guests should label their basket, and perhaps put a list of what their basket contains. This will help them when it comes to sending out their thank you cards.

Kitchen Shower
Guests bring gifts designed for the specific room, it need not be the kitchen, it could also be the bathroom, or bedroom, or any room really. The bride to be can wear an apron or an item of clothing during the entire shower to set the tone of the bridal shower.

Have lingerie party or even a pajama party. Guests can bring gifts of lingerie or pyjamas. These parties can be great fun, and often have a reputation of getting out of hand quickly.

Recipe Shower
Guests can bring recipes that they think the bride and groom may enjoy. They may even bring a little taster that everyone can taste.

Stock the bar
One of the other ideas for the bridal shower is a stock the bar shower. Guests bring all sorts of drink types, beer, wine or spirits for the new couple bar at their home.

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