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Wishing Well
Guests can bring little goodies that they put into a basket at the bridal shower. The gifts should be small and useful, such as pens or hand help can openers. These will always be used by the newly weds.

Guest Book
Have a guest book handy that all the guests can sign and write a little message for the newly weds.

Penny Game
Give the guests a hand full of pennies. The guest then take turn telling everyone something they have done. If their is another guest that has done the same thing, then they put a penny into a jar or hat. This is a great way for guests to get to know each other.

Getting everyone at the bridal showers to break the ice can be hard. A good idea then is to get each guest to full out a card that has a few questions about them. Then get everyone to read out there responses You can even give out little prizes for best answer or most original answer.

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