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There are many different types of games you can play at a bridal shower, all it takes is a little imagination. But in case you are suddenly stumped as to what you can play to keep the entertainment going, here are a few tips for bridal shower games:

This is a great one for seeing who really knows the most about the bride and groom. Have a list of questions you can ask the guests about the bride and groom, where they met, what their favorite restaurant is, favorite move, etc., .

The Wedding is Over
This one can be great fun. What you need to do is pretend that the wedding is over, and the bride and groom are at the honeymoon location and their is a power failure. So what you need to do is have a suitcase that has been "packed" for the honeymoon. You can pack the suitcase with all sorts of things, like sunglasses, men's underwear, a huge bra, gloves and all sorts of goodies. You then blind fold the bride and she needs to get changed and ready for the honeymoon night.

The Groom
This is similar to the trivia game, but this time the guests ask the groom a series of questions before the bridal shower, that they then ask the bride. You can also pre-read the questions to everyone at the bridal shower, and they can write down how many they think the bride will get correct.

Wedding Bingo
This you can play by giving the guests a blank card each. The guests then write down what they think the bride to be's gifts will be. As she unwraps them, the guests tick off the gifts from the list. The first guest to have a full list, or the most correct wins.

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